t  h  e   i  n  n  e  r  f  i  e  l  d 
i  n  t  r  o  d  u  c  t  i  o  n
Branches creaking, corn rustling, a lark high in the sky, rumbling tractors, cows mooing, a plane, machines, wind blowing, water splashing,  and so forth. Sounds? Music! Combine all these sounds and you have the birth of electronic music. Strange? Well, listen to the sinus sounds, the saw waves, flutter, treble, rumble. Noise? What noise? It's the beauty of natural sounds. Open your ears and allow yourself to be mesmerized with all the various sounds. This site is a homage to all the sounds we have around us without knowing or listening.

The name The Inner Field (Het Binnenveld, as in the original Dutch language) comes from an unique agricultural area between the WERV-cities (Wageningen, Ede, Rhenen en Veenendaal). Sandwiched between De Hel (The Hell), De Blauwe Hel (The Blue Hell), de Meent and de Hooilanden (Meadows) flows a small stream, the Grift. This zone is a so called Silent Zone. In A Silent Zone the only sounds are made by nature and birds... it could be a live John Cage composition.

Innerfield starts around 1900 with the invention of the first machines to create sounds. There is not only the attention for so called classical electronics, made by classical composers, but also for some experimental music throughout the years. And to set things straight, there is a part of the site dedicated to the electronics from for instance the German waves from the sixties and other bubbling sounds.
The site (which is forever growing , adding new pages or new material to existing pages), all Innerfield slider pictures (natural pics, no photoshopping) and the sound collage (main page) constructed and maintained by Paul Lemmens for Lemon Tree Productions 2011-2019.
contact: paul at innerfield.nl

Special thank you to Peter Sansom for fluid ~ English.

For this site I used my own archive, but also some books and other sites.
At some places I use quotes from those resources.

The Books:
- A Guide to Electronic Music, 1st ed., Paul Griffiths, Thames and Hudson 1979
- Electronic and Experimental Music, 3rd ed., Thom Holmes, Routledge 2008
- Onder Stroom, 1st ed., Jaqueline Oskamp, Ambo 2011
- Ocean of Sound, 1st ed., David Toop, Serpent's Tail 1995
- Krautrock, 1st ed., various, Black Dog 2009

The Sites
- A Chronology / History of Electronic and Computer Music and Related Events 1906 - 2011: doornbusch.net/chronology/
- INART 55 History of Electroacoustic Music: personal.psu.edu/meb26/INART55/timeline.html
- EARS About the ElectroAcoustic Resource Site project: ears.dmu.ac.uk/spip.php

Recommended sites:
- Electronic Music & Tape Music & Electro-Acoustic laptop Music Inspirations: progressive.homestead.com/electronicmusic.html
- Synth ME: synth.me

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